Hand crafted items made with intent and care, from our Northwest Indiana home to yours.

Our Team

Behind the Scenes 

Liz Negron-Haniford


What can I say, I have a passion for family, my faith and the journey we call life. I look to inspire in all we do as a company. Our desire to be bold, creative and push the boundaries and make our own path is what defines 9 Little Gypsies. I look to produce bold pieces, and look to have little of of me in each piece we create. As I look to evolve and grow my self through writing, reading about my faith, I only hope to make a difference in the work I produce. 

Angela Haniford


A bit about me and what I do...in a nutshell? I love vintage glass and dishes, anything colorful and pretty really, they bring back memories that are full of beauty and wonder that I can't otherwise remember when I try. Making something out of old, unwanted things makes me happy...giving life and worth to something that was thought to be worthless and unattractive to someone else gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. I love to give hope and encouragement to others and I guess, in a way, re-purposing and up-cycling does that. 

Dakota Hanifor​d

Owner/Photographer of Handak.Images

 I am an over the road truck ​driver by trade,  but a artist at heart.  I have a passion for landscape photography, drawing and  mountain biking. Always up for a good cigar and a nice whiskey.