Have you tried a Freshie Today?  

Freshies: our own handmade air fresheners that are available in numerous shapes and scents. We obtain the beads they are made out of from a couple in North Carolina, they are made here in the USA and not sourced from overseas. The beads are then scented with the same premium fragrance oils that we make our candles and wax melts with. Once they are scented to their maximum level we melt them down for use.The length of time they last will depend on the area or purpose you are using them in. Car use (our favorite) will be anywhere from 3-4 weeks on average. Using them in drawers or closets you will t​typically get at least 3 months from them.  Freshies are useful in so many ways! Gym bags, shoes, cars, closets, basements, sports or school name it and they can probably be put there! 

Freshie Mini's Available also!!

Try the mini versions​ for your shoes or gym​all enough to fit into pockets more easily as well as into a narrow shoe, etc .