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Wax Melts, Freshies and Fire Flies

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We spent countless hours, days...weeks, searching for the perfect wax, oils and wicks that would give our customers the best of what we could offer. We use one of the best Soy waxes on the market, only cotton &paper wicks that are sized right for this wax and our containers to give the best scent throw whether it be cold or hot. Our oils are hand pick​ed over seasons to not give a boost to our normal base scents but so we can pass on what may bring back memories or something that just "feels good" to the soul when you smell it! We source our Premium and Essential oil blends from only a few specific places in order to keep consistency and quality throughout our product line. We definitely take pride in what we have created and truly hope that you, as a new or returning customer, enjoy these hand made items that were made with not just the science behind it, but with heart and thoughtfulness for each product we make.


Treat Your Candle With Care….It Will Return the Favor

  • Always Trim the Wick to ¼ inch…a little longer is fine but not less, it can cause “burn out”. We use self-trimming wicks so after the initial burn you will not typically have to trim it back, it will slowly curl over on itself as it burns.
  • Keep candles out of any strong air flow or direct draft (fans/windows/air conditioners). It can cause uneven burning of the wax itself as well as cause wick issues such as “mushrooming” and soot.
  • ALWAYS burn your candle until the melt pool is across the entire top of the candle. If you are extinguishing the candle before this happens the wax “remembers” and will continue to only melt to that point in the future. This will not only waste a great product but you could risk suffocating your wick in a much deeper melt pool because it could start to tunnel.
  • Do not burn any candle for more than 4 hours at a time without extinguishing it and giving it a “break”. Overheating is a safety hazard and again, may deplete the overall quality of the candle.
  • Avoid “blowing” out the flame if possible. Use of a snuffer is preferred, but if you must blow it out, make sure to do this slowly and with minimal force. This will help avoid possible injury or damage to people/items around the candle. Blowing a candle out can also cause future burning issues with the wick because it can shift out of its centered position while the wax around it is not solidified.​